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Interreg projects

The Northern Netherlands Alliance currently participates in four Interreg projects. Below we tell you more about these projects:   

Interreg Europe Beyond EDP

Improve the RIS3 effectiveness through the management of the entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) 

The entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) is a process of continuous interaction between businesses, knowledge institutes and, preferably, end-users, which aids the developments of new ideas and discoveries. If focused and supported in mutual cohesion, these discoveries can become a coherent palette of innovations – and eventually even new economic strengths. The participants in the Beyond EDP project want to stimulate enthusiasm for innovation in their own region. They aim to facilitate new creative environments where businesses and institutes can continually raise ideas, and develop these ideas into concrete initiatives. 

The Northern Netherlands aims to provide fertile ground for entrepreneurial discovery. This is at the core of its regional innovation strategy. The region aims to facilitate an innovative environment where stakeholders such as businesses and universities can work together on promising ideas. Within the project, the Northern Netherlands is leading the communication and dissemination activities.

Interreg Europe ClusterFY

Fostering clusters’ interregional collaboration and integration into international value chains 

Clusters are a concentration of interrelated businesses, knowledge institutions and authorities. They stimulate and facilitate SMEs in forming long-term strategic, cross-sectoral and cross-regional partnerships that help boost their innovative ideas. In cooperation with the right partners, SMEs are able to develop competitive products and services and integrate into regional and interregional value chains.  

The ClusterFY-project aims to improve regional and national policy instruments seeking to intensify Key Enabling Technologies (KET’s)-related clusterization processes. Furthermore, it aims to foster interregional cooperation between and among clusters and business networks, and encourage their integration into innovative value chains. These developments advance the implementation of regional innovation strategies. The Northern Netherlands believes strong clusters are key in the implementation of its regional innovation strategy and that clusterization furthers the region’s entrepreneurial discovery processes. SNN has a strong communication and dissemination-role in the project.

Interreg North Sea GrowIn 4.0

The manufacturing industry is very important for the North Sea region economy. Opportunities for further growth lie in the field of Industry 4.0. This term refers to a new way of organizing: controlling the entire value chain and life cycle of products; customizing products and focusing on digital connection. The Interreg North Sea-project GrowIn 4.0 aims to collect, develop and transfer strong competences and tools in the field of Industry 4.0, in order to increase the level of innovation and stimulate growth of those SMEs in the manufacturing industry that are en route to Industry 4.0. 

Participating in GrowIn 4.0 enables the Northern Netherlands to bring together fragmented specialized knowledge that encourages regional innovations and sustainable business development – and in so doing, support the regional smart specialisation strategy. The project partners share their best practices and benefit from each other’s knowledge. SNN fulfils an important role in the communication and dissemination of GrowIn 4.0.

Interreg North Sea Periscope

Establishing a permanent innovation ecosystem in the North Sea Region to grow transnational innovation partnerships for sustainable business development in emerging blue markets 

The North Sea region is a crucial area for Europe’s Blue Economy, as it has marine resources, technologically- advanced industries, major port areas and increased offshore activities. Due to global drivers, the wider maritime, marine and offshore economies are experiencing a period of considerable restructuring.   

The Interreg NSR Periscope project aims to strengthen cross-sector Blue Growth innovation capacity, by bringing together the relevant actors, such as businesses, clusters and networks, universities, users and regional and local authorities. Knowledge sharing leads to the acceleration and launch of new innovation-projects for sustainable business development.

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