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Strong Northern Netherlands

What a great region it is: the Northern Netherlands! Our region has lot to offer to Europe. Our region has space, innovative entrepreneurs and great knowledge centres. On this page you will find an overview of our main strengths. Explore what we can offer you and how you can contribute of co-operate with us. One thing is for sure, opportunities are plentiful in the Northern Netherlands!

Strong Northern Netherlands as a transition region

The Northern Netherlands is committed to making the transition from a linear to a circular economy and from a traditional industry to industry 4.0. In addition to this, we are working towards a transition in healthcare and developing sustainable agriculture. In order to achieve this, we collaborate with our knowledge centres and entrepreneurs. Small and medium-sized enterprises are a strong force in our region, and there is no shortage of plans and ideas. The European Structural Funds help us launching these initiatives. We are able to invest optimally by managing these valuable sources of funding ourselves. The North has set its course for post-2020. We are moving from a regional innovation strategy (RIS) to a regional development strategy (RDS).

Hydrogen: The green industry of the future

The Northern Netherlands is actively building on the green industry of the future. Hydrogen has a vital role to play in this transition, both as an energy carrier and as feedstock. The green industry creates and retains jobs, ensures that our knowledge position is maintained and makes a concrete contribution to the Netherlands’ climate objectives for 2030. That is why we, companies and governments in Groningen and Drenthe, have established an investment agenda for the development of the hydrogen system in the Northern Netherlands.

Strong Northern Netherlands has a strong agricultural sector

Agriculture in the Northern Netherlands is an important economic sector with a large impact on the land. The Northern Netherlands is fully committed to tackling its societal challenges related to agriculture. Regionally, it seizes opportunities and pursues innovations, including those related to climate and the environment.

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We see EU funds as a driving force for regional development

The Northern Netherlands is the European Union’s proven champion. Here, every euro from the European Regional Development Fund generates 4.26 euros in investments.

Strong Northern Netherlands delivers Energy

The transition to clean, sustainable energy and energy security is a top priority, both to the EU and the Northern Netherlands. As the ‘Energy Valley’, the Northern Netherlands is at the forefront of the transition to a sustainable energy supply.

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Strong Northern Netherlands is circular

Citizens, governments and companies are increasingly aware that our linear economy needs to change to a circular economy. The core qualities of the Northern Netherlands give us a head start on the road towards a fully circular economy.

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Strong Northern Netherlands stimulates Healthy Ageing for its population

The Northern Netherlands has been awarded the 4 Star Reference Site Status for Healthy Ageing by the European Commission (maximum score). We are pioneers when it comes to research on prevention and healthy ageing and the application of knowledge.

Strong Northern Netherlands is Smart, Green and accessible

Smart, green, and accessible. These are the key starting points for mobility by road, water and rail in the northern border region. The Northern Netherlands and its German hinterland, towards Hamburg for example, have the ability to relieve major cities and contribute significantly to the sustainability of the transport sector.

Strong Northern Netherlands works with water

The Northern Netherlands is working on solutions for global water issues, such as the removal of medicine residues, the desalination of sea water, the reuse of water, the production of biodegradable bio-plastics, blue energy and the storage of energy in green batteries. To achieve this we use research, knowledge valorisation and the promotion of business activity.

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